The Long-Awaited Donald Trump Fraud Lawsuit in New York, Dissected.

The New York attorney general and a longstanding foe of the former President, Letitia James, didn’t hold back when she announced a fraud case on Wednesday against Donald Trump, his three eldest children, and his corporation. James said in a statement that Trump “falsely inflated his net worth by billions of dollars to unjustly benefit himself and scam the system.” In truth, enormous deception and unlawful activity form the entire basis of his alleged vast wealth.

In the lawsuit, her office claims that the Trump Organization’s financial statements from 2011 to 2021 systematically overstated the value of at least 23 of his properties and other assets, including his Fifth Avenue triplex apartment, his daughter’s penthouse on Park Avenue, his estate in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, and his extensive network of golf courses. The lawsuit claims that “the amount of highly inflated asset values is astonishing, affecting the majority, if not the entire real estate holdings in any given year.” Additionally, it claims that Trump and his co-defendants received financial benefits from his alleged deceptions totaling up to $250,000,000, and it asks the court to order him to pay back these gains plus interest.

A lawsuit against an abortion restriction is supported by about 500 doctors in Michigan.

After leaving Monument Park for the “Defend Roe v. Wade! Reproductive Rights for All” demonstration in response to the Supreme Court overturning the decision that had made abortion legal in the United States for nearly 50 years on Friday, hundreds of pro-choice demonstrators march through downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan

A politically engaged health care organisation in Michigan submitted a motion in favour of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s lawsuit contesting Michigan’s law criminalising abortion, which received the backing of 514 doctors.

The motion, dated September 22 and submitted by the Committee to Protect Health Care, states that the 1931 abortion prohibition “would impose on today’s patients and physicians an outdated standard of care that has no basis in current research or the practise of health care.”

An 18-page annex of concurring physicians from specialties in Ludington, Grosse Pointe, Marquette, and Kalamazoo is included with the motion.

After suffering a severe head injury, a high school football player from New Jersey passed away.

Nearly two weeks after suffering a traumatic brain injury during a football game, a high school student athlete from New Jersey passed away.

Derek Armstead, the mayor of Linden, New Jersey, posted updates on Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday informing people that Xavier McClain had passed away as a result of wounds he sustained during a football game against nearby Woodbridge High School on September 9. Last Saturday, the town’s mayor posted the first information about the student’s injuries to Facebook.

Together, we hoped for a different result and prayed for a miracle. I have faith that God is wiser. He decided to call Xavier home to live with HIM because HE needed an angel, Armstead wrote in a post on Wednesday.

Xavier battled valiantly thanks to your prayers. He eventually passed away as a result of the wounds he received a few weeks ago while playing football during the LHS Tigers’ game against Woodbridge. I have known his parents, Lisa and Norm, for many years, as well as their two sons, Xavier and Andres, since they were young boys, so hearing this news aches, Armstead continued. “While my wife and I visited them, our kids played together. Tragically, their worst nightmare was realised.”

Understanding Virginia’s new transgender education policy through Mischief and Magic.

Greetings and salutations from Where the News Leads! This weekly series will be based on a few of the articles that The News Leader has published.

It might be a place where we answer to your feedback and inquiries, share interesting facts that we had to omit from stories, or simply look ahead to what the Shenandoah Valley will bring.

On this episode, we begin by looking ahead to the Queen City Mischief and Magic festival that will take place in Staunton soon. After a two-year break owing to the pandemic, trending issues reporter Laura Peters introduces the Harry Potter-themed event.

Laura also offers some advice on how to make the most of your weekend and some important ideas to keep in mind if you’re travelling to the city for the festivities.

Then, we discuss Governor Glenn Youngkin’s recently released document on sample policies for transgender students in schools with our youth, education, and sports reporter Patrick Hite.

Patrick explains the background of the fight for transgender student protections over the past year and what will change as a result of the state’s new model regulations. We also address the outpouring of support for so-called “parental rights” in our local school systems and the reactions and changes that may be coming.

Florida requests the US Supreme Court to rule on a tech law dispute.

Florida and significant social media firms might be ready for a U.S. Supreme Court fight.

In a petition submitted on Wednesday, state attorneys requested that the Supreme Court take up a First Amendment case involving a Florida statute that restricted major companies like Facebook and Twitter in 2021.

The state is requesting that the Supreme Court reverse an 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling from May that struck down significant portions of the statute on First Amendment grounds. The law was deemed to be “riddled with imprecision and ambiguity” by U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle, but the appeals court upheld a large portion of his preliminary injunction.

Social media has taken over as the primary means of communication, according to the state’s attorneys in the petition. However, that domination has a cost. Social media firms disrupt the market for ideas when they misuse their market power to restrict speech. This (Supreme) Court should respond to the question of whether the First Amendment effectively prevents the states, and presumably the federal government as well, from constructively rectifying those distortions.

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