Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, breaks the fundraising record before facing Charlie Crist.

September 9, Governor Ron DeSantis had raised $177.4 million for his re-election campaign.

According to Open Secrets, the sum represents the most recent record for a gubernatorial race without accounting for inflation. His campaign has received $31.4 million since January 2021, while Friends of Ron DeSantis, a state-level PAC that is exempt from donation caps, has received $146 million since January 2019.

Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL), DeSantis’ rival in the race for governor of Florida, has amassed $20 million in funding. In April, DeSantis broke his own record for monthly contributions, raising $10.5 million, or more over half of Crist’s total.

Three of the top five donors to the current governor’s campaign are from Florida, while the Republican Governors Association is the largest donor with $20.35 million. Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace, who resides in Nevada, is the fourth-largest donor with $10 million. It continues to rank as Florida’s highest gift from a single person.

A $2.9 million federal award to a West Michigan city is intended to sustain 500 employment in the food business.

The office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer said on Saturday, September 17, that a $2.9 million federal grant is anticipated to sustain 500 employment in a West Michigan city’s food processing sector.

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration grant programme included the award given to the city of Hart in the remote Oceana County. According to a news release, the monies are intended to improve local water infrastructure to increase the region’s food processing industry’s output capacity.

According to the Saturday press release, “Today’s investment in Hart’s water infrastructure will support the growth of local small businesses, generate and preserve 500 jobs, and build on the recent, bipartisan budget I just signed.”

Does Utah truly rank as the 44th-worst state for workers? Examining the local wage information

Inboxes of journalists in 2022 will be flooded with practically constant solicitations from PR firms. In example, PR teams have discovered that ranking cities and states against one another in any category is a proven method to generate media attention.

For instance, I’ve already gotten the following pitches this week:

The 41st “Best City for Chocolate Lovers” was Salt Lake City.

The third “Best City for Country Music Fans” was Salt Lake City.

In the list of “Cities Where Lawns Go to Die,” Salt Lake City came in at number 61.

And the list goes on. The main warning with any of these rankings is that some dubious underlying metrics may be used. For instance, the city’s strong ranking in the “Number of Country Music and Related Museums” category contributed to its third-place country music ranking. I don’t know about the country music museum in Salt Lake City.

Walz has a 52% approval rating in Minnesota and leads Jensen in the governor’s race.

In a survey of 800 voters, Minnesotans stated that the economy and employment, crime, and abortion were the three issues that most influenced their vote for governor.

Minnesota — A new KARE 11/Star Tribune/MPR News Minnesota Poll shows incumbent Minnesota Governor Tim Walz maintaining his advantage against Republican challenger Dr. Scott Jensen with less than two months before election day on November 8. More over 10% of voters are still unsure, though.

According to the poll, which had a sample size of 800 registered voters and a margin of error of 3.5%, 48% of Minnesotans plan to vote for Walz on election day, while 41% plan to vote for Jensen.

With 95% of Democrats stating they will vote for Walz and 91% of Republicans saying they will vote for Jensen, there is a clear partisan divide in support for Walz and Jensen.

UCLA defeats South Alabama with a late field goal.

With a 32-31 victory over the Jaguars thanks to Nicholas Barr-24-yard Mirra’s field goal, the Bruins escape the upset.

In Los Angeles UCLA defeated South Alabama 32-31 in the Rose Bowl on Saturday in its final nonconference game before the Pac-12 season, with the help of a 24-yard last-second field goal by Nicholas Barr-Mira.

The Bruins faced what was probably their most comparable opposition to date after crushing Bowling Green and Alabama State in their first two games. And they narrowly avoided being upset by a Sun Belt Conference team.

With less than three minutes remaining, the Bruins took advantage of a failed trick-play attempt by South Alabama on a field goal. Dorian Thompson-29-yard Robinson’s pass to Titus Mokiao-Atimalala on the following drive placed the Bruins in field-goal range. It was a part of the winning 61-yard, 10-play drive.

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