Dane Jackson, a cornerback with the Buffalo Bills, was hospitalised after a terrifying collision

Dane Jackson, a cornerback for the Buffalo Bills, was taken to the Erie County Medical Center on Monday night after colliding with teammate Tremaine Edmunds and injuring his neck.

The action occurred toward the end of the first half of the Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills game. Treylon Burks, a rookie wide receiver, ran a route breaking back towards the quarterback during the play, and Jackson was covering him. Jackson moves towards the catch point to intercept the throw as it was being thrown toward Burks. Edmunds breaks on the throw as well and slams into Jackson as the pass is incomplete.

Jackson was transferred to ECMC Hospital for evaluation of a neck injury, the Bills subsequently revealed. He is having an X-ray and a CT scan. The good news is that the Bills also stated that Jackson can fully move his extremities.

Because NFL Media reports that Jackson was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday morning and is continuing his recovery at home, the test results must have been positive. According to Mike Garafolo, despite how terrible the impact appeared to be, Jackson was able to leave the hospital and “all indicators” point to him avoiding a serious injury.

20 people are arrested after repeated human smuggling efforts are thwarted by Texas border agents.

On Monday and Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in the vicinity of the Texas-Mexico border disrupted five human smuggling operations, leading to the arrest of 20 people.

The first event happened early on Monday in Mission, Texas, which is a border town. Agents from the McAllen Border Patrol Station detained four people who claimed to be in the country illegally. Agents learned that one of the individuals, a female, was actually a citizen of the United States who had lied about her identification and had previously been charged with migrant smuggling during processing.

Later that morning, an agent from the Falfurrias Border Patrol Station saw a number of persons board a Jeep at a rest area. Agents attempted to halt the car, but the driver would not stop, thus there was a brief pursuit.

The car finally came to a stop. Two occupants exited the car and sprinted into the bushes. One of them was eventually detained and sent to the station. Both the driver and a second passenger were turned up to the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office and charged with state migrant.

Colorado park creates the longest hopscotch course in the world.

A 4.37-mile-long hopscotch course was constructed as part of a drive to get kids outside to play.

The hopscotch course in Chatfield State Park in Littleton was built as part of the Generation Wild Colorado effort by Great Outdoors Colorado to promote outdoor play.

The previous Guinness World Record for the longest hopscotch game was surpassed when the course’s length of 4.37 miles was recorded. Students from Georgia Tech broke the previous mark in April of this year.

According to Generation Wild Colorado, the public can now access the hopscotch course.

Georgia Mom Spotted Naked and Burned After Sending Daughter Terrifying Message.

On September 11, Debbie Collier’s burned body was discovered near an old logging road not far from her Athens, Georgia, home. There is a key to the house in the blue flower pot at the door, but they won’t allow me leave, I love you.

That spooky Venmo message, along with about $2,300, was sent by Deborrah “Debbie” Collier, 59, to her daughter on September 10 at 3:17 p.m. before the Athens, Georgia resident left her house in a rented SUV and disappeared. Less than 24 hours later, authorities would locate her naked and badly charred remains in a nearby ravine.

Investigators discovered Collier on September, according to the incident report from the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office that The Daily Beast received on Tuesday. “lying on her back, holding a little tree in her right hand,” it says in verse 11.

The report continued, “Collier’s bones [were] evidently burned with what appeared to be charring to her midsection,” noting the presence of charred tarp remnants and a red tote bag nearby.

Arkansas’s Speaker of the House will be featured at a GOP banquet in Union County

Next month, the Union County Republican Committee will have its annual Reagan-Rockefeller Dinner, and this year’s keynote speech will be given by Speaker of the House Matthew Shepherd.

In the House of Representatives of Arkansas, Shepherd is currently serving his sixth term. He is from El Dorado and graduated from El Dorado High School in 1994. After that, he attended Ouachita Baptist University to study history and political science and the University of Arkansas to study law.

Currently a member of the Joint Budget Committee, House Judiciary Committee, House Agriculture, Forestry & Economic Development Committee, and House Management Committee, Shepherd formerly served as chair of the House Judiciary Committee. Additionally, he serves as the commission’s chairman.

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